• Welcome to the J. Edgar Blog.

    Hi, This is J. Edgar!

    I know what you’re  thinking, I look nothing like the gentleman sitting in front of the lap top on the Home Page. Sorry to disappoint you.  This is my first blog. I have written articles in the past about dog training and a few “how to” articles that were geared toward insurance investigation. I am a former claims adjuster and claims investigator for a major insurance company.

    The J. Edgar blog will be simple and definitely easy to understand (no stupid jargon). Sound good?

    In order for the J. Edgar blog to be successful, I need subjects to write about that will capture your interest and hopefully, my readers will find the J.Edgar Blog to be enjoyable to read, informative and educational. So, let’s get started. 🙂

    I would like to know what interests YOU? Perhaps you have an issue you would like to discuss with me. I will give you 30 minutes of free time. What would you like me to talk about? Tell me. You can do that by using the contact form on the Contact Us page or drop me an email at john@jedgarpi.com. You are always welcome to call me. 530-592-7222. I’m a good listener and I may be able to provide you the help you need.

    Until next time,

    J. Edgar