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  • Welcome to the J. Edgar Blog. A Brief History of the SIU.

    Hi, This is J. Edgar!

    I have written articles about insurance claims investigation. I am a former claims adjuster, claims investigator, and claims manager for an international insurance company named American International Group. (AIG). I also worked for the sister company of AIG named American International Adjustment Company. (AIAC).  AIAC served as a Third Party Administrator (TPA) that handled claims for other insurance carriers.

    I officiated as the manager of the special investigation unit known by the acronym. SIU.  SIU departments came into existence in 1990. I was selected to create the special investigation unit while I was with working with AIAC. I was a Senior Field Claims Examiner at the time.  I created the SIU from a list of names of people who were claims adjusters and insurance investigators that were working in their respective jobs with AIG and AIAC.

    The AIG/AIAC SIU became the forerunner of SIU’s in operation today with insurance companies and law enforcement departments throughout the World. The SIU conducts “special investigations” that may involve financial crimes such as fraud and embezzlement, including property crimes such as theft and vandalism. SIU conducts investigations involving property damage caused by storms such as tornados and hurricanes.

    J. Edgar Investigation Agency operates like an SIU. Our investigators handle a multitude of cases much like an SIU department operates within insurance companies and Law Enforcement agencies.

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    I am, J. Edgar.