• About Us


    Our mission is to provide our client with a factual, truthful, and confidential investigation. We take pride in the customer service we give our clients.

    J. Edgar Investigation Agency is licensed by the State of California.  J. Edgar Investigation Agency is owned and operated by John Edgar Lacher. The agency is comprised of multiracial and bilingual male and female licensed and insured private investigators who are hired as subcontractors. Investigators are hired and assigned based on their skills and the needs of the client.  J. Edgar Investigation Agency and John Edgar Lacher are insured for Commercial General Liability, Errors & Omissions (CGL and E&O).

    J. Edgar Investigation Agency, Investigation Matters, and Collection Advocates, Inc have formed an alliance in an effort to better serve our clients in California and Arizona.

    Our Company Policy and Procedure

    Our investigative policy involves working by a retainer fee agreement. A retainer fee agreement is a work for hire contract. It spells out what the client has hired the J. Edgar Investigation Agency to do. The retainer fee is based on the number of hours the client wants the investigator or investigators to work on their case. Once the retainer fee has been paid and cleared an investigator will be assigned to your case. The investigation will not begin until fees have been paid.

    Our Clients

    Our clients consist of attorneys, insurance companies, government agencies, small businesses, corporations, and private individuals.

    Our Investigative Contacts and Affiliations

    J. Edgar Investigation Agency is a global private investigation agency with investigative contacts and affiliations worldwide.